Login Object Name Field Not Accepting Direct Modification

Document ID : KB000097261
Last Modified Date : 07/09/2018
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According to the documentation:


It states that the Name field can accept directly inputting a value. Upon investigation, it was found that this was not the case in version 11.2.4 - the value within the Login Object (via the Login tab) returns to blank/does not save the new value. 
Java User Interface 11.2.4
Java User Interface 12.0.4
1) It was observed that the Name field was not allowing input of a specific, non-generated name.
2) This behavior was reproduced on Java User Interface 11.2.4 and 12.0.4. 
3) During investigation, the User Interface was upgraded to 11.2.7, which allowed the appropriate modifications to the Login object to be made.
4) Reproduction was attempted on 12.0.3, but this was unsuccessful. This appears to be a User Interface display issue, and another User Interface for this functionality will be required since the V12 Java User Interface may not receive many additional updates.