Login box is no longer appearing on the USM / UMP login page.

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Last Modified Date : 12/01/2019
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UMP login page does not contain the login boxes. There is no way to Sign In.

UMP empty page no login or signin box boxes

All of a sudden the SignIn page was gone from the UMP portal for Internal users.

The only thing showing on the UMP Home page was the login, the SignIn link on the right (which delivered a BLANK page and this url->  https://<ump1>/c/portal/login?p_l_id=10183, and the Home button which had nothing under it when you clicked on it. Both UMP 1 and 2 servers sit behind a Loadbalancer. External customers login via SSO.

When you click sign in it goes to https://abc.company.com/c/portal/login?p_l_id=10183 and there was nothing on that page.

wasp and portal.log showed NO errors.

- UIM v8.4.7
- wasp 8.4.7
- Multi-UMP setup
- UMP 1
- UMP 2

- Unknown but possibly a user who had enough access, accidentally removed the SignIn portlet.
1) Stop 'wasp'
2) On the UMP server, back up: <nimsoft>/probes/service/wasp/webapps/ROOT folder
3) Archive <nimsoft>/probes/service/wasp/webapps/ROOT.war
4) Redeploy 'ump.zip' to the UMP server
5) Restart 'wasp'
6) Stop 'wasp'
7) On the UMP server, rename <nimsoft>/probes/service/wasp/webapps/ROOT to 'ROOT_new'
8) Import the archived ROOT folder file back to <nimsoft>/probes/services/wasp/webapps
9) Restart 'wasp'
10) Verify that the URL http://<ump_server> automatically redirects to: http://<ump_server>/web/guest and that users can properly log in and navigate.

The above steps did not resolve the entire problem.
Yet as wasp on UMP 1 was starting up (but it most definitely was NOT started, when we hit the ump url, and yet it yielded this url string:

11. Then we entered this url string and it brought up the login page (while wasp was still NOT started) and the request was still going to wasp on UMP 1 (confirmed).

If  we just used the UMP 1 machine's url-> https://<ump1>, the page rendered empty/blank.

12. So then we hit that same url that showed up during our attempts to fix the issue and it produced the login page.

13. Then we selected Tools->SignIn and Added the SignIn portlet to the page on UMP1, and it synced up with UMP2.

We were then able to login to either UMP1 or UMP2.

We then tried to login via SSO as an external user but received an error:
"Unable to process SAML request"

Possible Solution:
If you have either installed or upgraded to UMP 8.31 or later, you must move or delete the xerceslmpl.jar file from the directory <UMP_installation>\probes\service\wasp\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lib.

Tip: We recommend moving the xerceslmpl.jar into your root CA UIM install directory (Nimsoft).