Log Scrape of Transparent Archive Tables

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I have a question regarding Transparent Archive tables available in DB2 v11. When extracting DB2 log transactions using Log Analyzer, no transaction are returned on archive tables (tables of type 'R'). Only the DELETE statements from the archive-enabled table are scraped. Normally, this is what you would expect if you are, say, replaying transactions into the same environment. If, however, you are scraping transactions to apply to another (non-DB2) environment, only the DELETE statements will come through so the archived records will be lost.


Is it possible to obtain the INSERT transactions on the archive table?


At present, R19 CA Log Analyzer for DB2 for Z/os(PLA) is not supporting archive tables (table type ‘R’). That is the reason no transactions are returned when extracting the DB2 log transactions using PLA. This feature will be provided in future enhancements.

IBM introduced the new feature Transparent archive tables from DB2 V11 and there are multiple sources available describing these including a couple shown below. As per this feature, the Archive table contains only the deleted rows from the archive-enabled table. To get the deleted rows from the Archive table, the global system variable SYSIBMADM.GET_ARCHIVE must be set to 'Y' before the select query. As per this feature, there is no possibility to obtain the INSERT transactions on the archive table. This means the INSERTs that happened on archive-enabled tables stay on the same table.

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