Log messages from custom Java plugin

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Last Modified Date : 30/05/2018
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Is there a way to send the log messages from Java custom plugin to Sigma logs using the Sigma APIs? 

System.out.println messages from custom Java code shows up in wildfly logs. 
CA Identity Manager 14.x
Follow the instructions on this doc - https://docops.ca.com/ca-identity-suite/14-1/EN/programming/ca-identity-portal-developer-guide/plugins/developing-a-java-plugin 
and this Example on this doc - https://docops.ca.com/display/CIS141/Plugin+Samples, and was able to write log messages.
Here is my Example code:

package org.ca.idp.pluging_logger; <<<<----------------------------------- package setup 
import com.idmlogic.sigma.plugin.BasePlugin; 
import com.idmlogic.sigma.plugin.annotations.ExportedServerFunction; 

public class pluginLogger extends BasePlugin { 
public void initPlugin() { 

public void foo() { 
System.err.println("foo error"); 
System.out.println("running foo"); 

Do not forget to place your complied class under the plugin directory configured on Admin UI/Setup/General configuration, my compiled class was placed under:
{plugin directory}/org/ca/idp/plugging_logger ,this match to my package setup. 

Use <Identity_Portal_url>/rest/admin/plugins/refresh URL to reload all available classes in the plugin directory,
and now you should be able to configure the plugin in the 'Plugins' Elements on Admin UI