Log Configuration for WVService

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Last Modified Date : 04/10/2018
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How do I control the size and log rotation behaviour of the WVService.log file in the EM_HOME\logs folder?
The EM_HOME\bin\WVService.conf file controls the behaviour of the WVService.log file.

See the following parameters:

# Log file to use for wrapper output logging.

# Log Level for log file output. (See JSW docs for log levels)

# Maximum size that the log file will be allowed to grow to before
# the log is rolled. Size is specified in bytes. The default value
# of 0, disables log rolling. May abbreviate with the 'k' (kb) or
# 'm' (mb) suffix. For example: 10m = 10 megabytes.

# Maximum number of rolled log files which will be allowed before old
# files are deleted. The default value of 0 implies no limit.