Location OBS is not linked to Custom Object Attribute

Document ID : KB000118732
Last Modified Date : 09/11/2018
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When a custom Object is linked to Location OBS, there are not attributes linked to the object. 

1. Navigate to Administration > Studio 
2. Create a New Attribute
3. Add a custom attribute to Location OBS

Expected Result: Location OBS should display to the custom object attributes

Actual Result: Location OBS is missing

This is due to software limitation design of the application. 
The Department & Location OBS fields are special and only supported together in stock objects. They are meant to be used with stock Objects that support Financial Module, suck as Projects and NPIOs (except Ideas). When the Location OBS is associated with a stock object, it is not treated as an OBS field like the Department OBS field and you can see that it does not show up on the OBS section with the Project/NPIO generated properties page. The Location OBS field is already incorporated into the stock object and is a parameterized lookup that is co-dependent on the Department OBS unit. It is not automatically created as an attribute in the same manner as the Department OBS field. 

Custom Objects do not support the Financially Module fully. Although it is allowed to associate the Department OBS and Location OBS to the object, the data is stored in the custom object instances is not going into the Financial Module tables. If you added your own Location OBS attribute to the custom object; the existing 'Location Browse' lookups with parameterized filtering against the Department OBS on the custom object will not work as expected. This is because the parameterized lookup used for the stock Location Browse is looking at the Financial Tables for the financial properties associated with the supported investment types. 

Adding the Department OBS association with a custom object is treated as a non-financial OBS. Adding the Location OBS association with a custom object will not show up in the OBS section due to its restricted, special nature. Adding your own Location on a custom object will store data in the investment tables, not in the financial tables because custom objects are not aware of the financials tables are not support through financial tables.