Loading Contacts Into Service Desk

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How do I load contacts into Service Desk and update both the ca_contact and usp_contact table accordingly?


  1. Back up your MDB if possible, or at least the ca_contact and usp_contact tables.  You can do this by running pdm_extract ca_contact > ca_contact_backup.txt and pdm_extract usp_contact > usp_contact_backup.txt
  2. Create a pdm_load file for the ca_contact table.  You can obtain the proper format by running pdm_extract -f "SELECT * FROM ca_contact WHERE userid='ServiceDesk'", and this will give you the entry for the Service Desk user.  You can create your entries to be loaded based on this example entry.
  3. Run pdm_load -f yourfile.txt to load the information that you created in step 1
  4. Create a similar load file for usp_contact.  You can run pdm_extract -f "SELECT * FROM usp_contact WHERE id=servicedesk_uuid_from_ca_contact_table".  You can obtain the id from the ca_contact table for the ServiceDesk entry.
  5. You may need to use pdm_deref to translate the userids to UUIDs and vice versa when creating this load file.  An example of this is provided here: https://docops.ca.com/ca-service-management/14-1/en/administering/configuring-ca-service-desk-manager/managing-your-database/how-to-use-pdm_deref-example
  6. Change the first line of your load file to be the following: TABLE usp_contact (NONEWID)
  7. Load the usp_contact file using this command: pdm_userload -m -f yourfile.txt
  8. Verify that the UUIDs in usp_contact match up with the UUIDs in ca_contact.
  9. If you have any issues, contact CA Support and we can assist you in repairing the failed loads or in restoring your backup.


Another approach that can be considered is: http://www.ca.com/us/support/ca-support-online/product-content/knowledgebase-articles/tec431619.aspx


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