"Load Data Warehouse" Job stuck in "Waiting" status

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Last Modified Date : 31/05/2018
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The "Load Data Warehouse" Job is stuck in a 'Waiting' status. 

How to make sure this progresses?

This job has not been run recently. 

It is being run now because Jaspersoft Reports are going to be used, and has not been needed before.

There are no obvious errors on screen.

When looking at the Job Schedule, it is seen that there are actually many old Waiting Jobs, from several months ago.

Load Data Warehouse Job in Waiting Status

Checking the log, it appears that the Load Data Warehouse Job has not completed in some time.

No errors are found in bg-dwh.log files (Under Security Logs.)
Any CA PPM version, On-Premise or SaaS.
As the Scheduled Jobs in CA PPM and shows many jobs in "Waiting" and "Processing" stages, it is necessary to remove these, and recreate the Jobs.

For further information on why the Jobs have not processed beyond the Waiting Status, please see the Additional Information section of this document.

Resolution Steps

1) Take screenshots of the key Load Data Warehouse Full and Partial Job details.

Load Data Warehouse Job Details

Typically a site will run one "Full" Load Data Warehouse Job daily, around 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM.
Then they will run a "Partial" Load Data Warehouse Job at a frequency which balances the currency of the required reporting, against the data generation of the system, and performance load that a Job will impart.

In the example given, the "Nightly" Full Load, and the "Three Hourly" Partial Load were found to represent the key loads currently needed.

2) Cancel and Delete all of the outstanding Waiting and Processing Jobs.

3) Recreate the "Load Data Warehouse" Full and Partial Jobs.
Pay attention to recreating the Notifications and Schedule.
Make sure that the Job is "Scheduled" instead of only run "Immediately."

4) (Optional). Re-run the Full Load Data Warehouse Job immediately.
If this has not been run in some time, it may take several hours.

5) Check that the Job Completes.
If it does not, then check the Log for errors, and contact your site Administrator.
They can contact CA Support if needed.
Additional Information:
CA PPM Jobs can fail for many reasons.

For further information on this subject, please start with these two Knowledge Documents.

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