Load Data Warehouse Job Fails when Including a Calculated String Attribute

Document ID : KB000116961
Last Modified Date : 04/10/2018
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The Load Data Warehouse job fails when a calculated string attribute is included if there is an instance of that attribute that is longer than 255 characters. 

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a custom string attribute "review_comment" under any object with:
- Data Type=String 
- Maximum Size = Between [256 to 2000] 
- Include in the Data Warehouse = checked 
2. Next create a calculated attribute "final_comment" with:
- Data Type = Calculated 
- Result Data Type = String 
- Current Expression = Concat(review_comment) 
- Include in the Data Warehouse = checked 
3. Put both attributes on the object properties edit views 
4. Open an existing object instance and enter a string for the review_comment that is over 255 characters long 
5. Ensure the same is reflected on the screen for the 'final_comment' calculated attribute
6. Run an instance of the full Load DWH job

Expected Results: The Load DWH job runs to completion. 
Actual Results: The Load DWH fails. 'THERE WERE ERRORS DURING DIMENSION JOB EXECUTION FOR THE TABLE' can be found in the error message pointing to the table corresponding to the object that the calculated string attribute is on. 
Caused by DE35690
DE35690 has been resolved on PPM 15.4. 


Make sure all instances of the field that is used by the calculated string attribute is less than or equal to 255 characters or

1. Ensure all scheduled instances of Load Data Warehouse job are paused 
2. Go to Administration, Studio: Objects, '<Object>', Attributes tab
3. Select the calculated string attribute, uncheck the 'Included in Data Warehouse' option 
4. Now run Load Data Warehouse job - Full Load 
5. Once done, go back to the attribute in the application and check it back to be Included in Data Warehouse. Save 
6. Execute the following statement on the dwh_meta_columns table: 
update dwh_meta_columns set attr_data_size=4000 where attribute_code ='<calculated string attribute Id>' ; 
commit ; 
7. Run Load Data Warehouse job - Full Load 
8. This will insert the column properly in Data Warehouse with the correct size of 4000

Please be advised that removing/re-adding the attribute to DWH will revert the changes