Load Data Warehouse job failed with - schema.xml not found.

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Last Modified Date : 08/05/2018
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Load Data Warehouse job failed with an error message:
Error occurred while processing domain attributes. Resource /ca_ppm/domains/CSK_PRJ_Management_files/schema.xml not found.
Applies to both On Premise & On Demand environments with CA PPM 14.3 and later releases
Couple of different reasons to look for;
     1) If Out of the Box "Project Management" domain is missing from repository CA PPM -> Domains folder.
     2) Or its been accidentally moved to a different folder.

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1) To restore out of the box missing Domain you need to run given command from <Clarity_Home>/bin folder. 
     - admin content-jaspersoft csk restoreDomains -userName superuser –password superuser

NOTE: Executing this command replaces all the content under CA PPM > Domains folder.

2) And if the Domain was moved accidentally to a different path then it needs to be reverted back under Domains folder.
Additional Information:
For On Demand client please raise a request for CA PPM SaaS Systems team to assist executed the command.