Load alarms of interface-load > 2000% on Cisco49xx devices (Legacy KB ID CNC TS30403 )

Document ID : KB000052006
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This is a known firmware issue and must be addressed through the device vendor.

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Load alarms reference very high interface-load > 2000% on Cisco49xx devices
Threshold Exceeded for TOTAL LOAD for an unacceptable duration. The threshold value is 85 %, and the current value is 2331 %. Model Type = Gen_IF_Port, Name = <name>

Problem Environment:
Spectrum 9.0 Core


Causes of this problem:

 Data collected (attribute and mib values) from Cisco4948 device shows it can incorrectly report the speed of the interfaces -- the ifSpeed and ifHighSpeed reported values 1/10th of the real values -- as FastEthernet when they are really GigabitEthernet. This will cause the load calculation to be an order of magnitude larger than it really is. As a result, some key calculation attributes will include incorrect values (for examples 0's) which throw off the SPECTRUM calculations.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS30403 )