LND connector fails to run remote agent ChangeIDPassword in regarc.nsf

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Trying to add a certifier ID for an organization you get the following err:

FAILURE: Connector Server Add (eTLNDAddCertName=xxxx_nnnn)

rc: 0x0001 (Operations error) msg: Connector Server Add failed: code 1 (OPERATIONS_ERROR): failed to add entry eTLNDAddCertName= xxxx _nnnn,eTLNDDirectoryName= xxxx,eTNamespaceName=Lotus Domino Server,dc=ASTERIX,dc=etasa: JCS: LND: :Failed to run remote agent 'ChangeIDPassword' in : regarc.nsf (ldaps://server:20411)


Figure 1

Figure 2

Right Click on OU and choose Custom / Certifier Details:

Figure 3

Figure 4


Open the IBM Lotus Domino Designer and log on with the administrator user defined for your endpoint.

Figure 5

Open each of the database templates Regarchv.ntf and Regcerts.ntf using Domino Designer.

In the database view window on the right-hand side, expand 'Shared Code' and select 'Agents'.

A list of agents located in each template is displayed.

Select each agent and click the Sign button.

Figure 6

This signs each of the agents by the administrative user that the connector is deployed within your environment.

Figure 7

After signing is complete, close the designer.

You will be able to add certifier details for the organization unit.