LLAWP process shuts down after 20 minutes on IIS

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Last Modified Date : 08/06/2018
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After about 20 minutes of no use on IIS the LLAWP process will shutdown.

[05/24/2018][15:06:16][5492][964][CSmHighLevelAgent.cpp:911][ProcessRequest][000000000000000000000000c1ae70a5-1574-5b070d28-03c4-0373390c][*][][*******][/FPS/WebResource/][*******][End new request.] 
[05/24/2018][15:06:16][5492][964][CSmLowLevelAgent.cpp:3568][ReportHealthData][][][][][][][Accumulating HealthMonitorCtxt.] 
[05/24/2018][15:26:35][5492][4572][SmIIS70Module.cpp:553][CSmIIS70Module::Shutdown][][][][][][][IIS 7.0 Native Module shutting down.] 
IIS Application Pool Idle-Timeout is stopping the Application Pool, which shuts down the LLAWP process.
IIS App Pool Idle timeout was set to 20 minutes.

To change the setting, you will need to do the following: 

1) Open IIS Manager 
2) Go to Application Pools 
3) Select the App Pool that the agent is running on. 
4) Right Click and Select Advanced Settings 
5) Find Idle Time-Out (minutes) and change it to 0 (zero) 
6) Stop and then Start IIS Service and it should not stop after 20 minutes of Idle.