Listing of Sample Reports

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This is a listing of the technical documents which have reports that go along with the Technical Documents.

To link to the Technical Document, just click on the TEC Doc # link below, to view the report, just click on the report ftp link to view the report.

TEC Doc #Title of Tech DocLink to Report file
TEC327678Top N for break report
TEC328648Breaking on Expression
TEC298565 Graphing Variables
TEC276659 Displaying no Data
TEC346812 No drop down list on demand reports drop-down-list on-demand reports.rep
TEC353475 Last N Days of Data Last_N_Days_of_Data.rep
TEC328644 Search for all data or specific value for all data or specific value using one prompt.rep
TEC346244 Search for $today$today.rep
TEC346244 Search for $tomorrow$tomorrow.rep
TEC346244 Search for $yesterday$yesterday.rep
TEC299571 Summaries in other parts
TEC353526 Summary bucket report
TEC299572 Variable in where