Listing Common Services ENF/Datacom database information relevant to CA Dispatch DCM events

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CAIENF Database Queries


How can we produce a listing of CA Dispatch related DCM events being tracked and recorded on the ENF/Datacom database? 


Because CAIENF Version 12.0 and above uses a CA Datacom®/AD database, you can use standard Datacom SQL jobs to review event data in the database. 


CAW0JCL data set members that start with CASQL, provide samples that you can use. The following list describes the sample members:


CASQL001 - Displays the names of the available event tables on the database in case you are not familiar with the event names. You need the event table names to use the other sample CASQLnnn members.

CASQL002 - Performs a standard SQL query for reporting on event data.

CASQL003 - Reports on the number of recorded events of the specified event name.

CASQL004 - (Not for query purposes.) Used for DCM replacement situations only.

CASQL005 - Provides archive data so the restore job can be set up properly in rare cases where a restore from the archive becomes necessary.


Of the above listed utility jobs, the most commonly used job for listing the CA Dispatch related event information is the CASQL002 job.

Additional Information:

For additional information regarding CAIENF Database Queries, please refer to the Common Services documentation available at our website.