List User Utility Program control cards and DD name checking for CA JCLCheck WA

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Last Modified Date : 27/07/2018
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CA JCLCheck WA displays control cards for IBM utilities in Report 2 and can recognize the required DD names.  This article provides an example on how to add an additional user utility program to the CA JCLCheck WA Utility Program Table which will enable the displaying of the control card statements and also produce an error if the required DD statements are missing.




Edit and review usermod MZ2nn25 (where nn is the release, ie. C0 is for release 12.0)  from the CA JCLCheck WA CAZ2JCL library. Add the following to ++SRCUPD:

         $UPT  INHSUTIL,     Your in house program                     -00470002
               CTL=SYSIN,                                              -00470003
               REQ=(SYSPRINT,SYSOUT)                                    00470004


 The above statements update the CA JCLCheck WA utility programs table named JCLUPT which is found in the CAZ2SRC library. The new user utility program is "INHSUTIL".  SYSIN is the DD names for the control statement(s) that will be displayed.  SYSPRINT and SYSOUT are the required DD names.
Macro name $UPT must begin in column 10. INHSUTIL, CTL, and REQ must begin in column 16. The sequence numbers must begin in column 73.

Submit usermod MZ2nn25 to RECEIVE and APPLY the change to CA JCLCheck WA.

To list the control cards, the CA JCLCheck WA runtime option "CCLIST(nnn)", where nnn is from 1-999, must be added to your OPTIONs. The listing of the control cards will appear on Listing of Merge JCL Report, Report 2.

If a required DD name is not provided in the JCL, CA JCLCheck WA issues an error message such as "CAY6119E DD STATEMENT 'SYSPRINT' IS REQUIRED BY PROGRAM 'INHSUTIL' BUT WAS NOT PROVIDED".
Additional Information:
CA JCLCheck Workload Automation wiki page  Utility Program Table . 

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA JCLCheck Workload Automation if you have further questions.