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List of knowledge documents related to the CA PPM and Microsoft Project (MSP) integration


MS Project (MSP) new driver features (TEC1821025)

In MSP, what are some Best Practices to prevent Performance Issues? (TEC1075677)

CA PPM Best Practices when copying and pasting tasks in MSP (TEC1720466)

How do I do a Clean Uninstall of the PPM MSP Interface? (TEC1228411)

What are the various types of logging available in the MSP New Driver? (TEC1422044)

Can Custom Field Names in MSP be exported as column names for projects exported from PPM? (TEC1784816)

What are the recommendations for Auto Scheduled versus Manually Scheduled tasks working in Microsoft Project (MSP) with PPM? (TEC1876459)

Mapping Task Priority between PPM and MSP (TEC1385465)

In the MSP New Driver, last saved date in the 'Set Baseline' section is Missing (TEC1127786)

My MSP Interface addin is disabled, how do I enable it? (TEC1054336)

How Can I Automatically Open Projects In A Scheduler (OWB, MSP) When Using Firefox Or Chrome? (TEC1484472)

Description of how Pending Estimates work in MSP and CA PPM (TEC439400)

How to use MSP without using PPM timesheets in order to update the tasks completion % and automatically update Actuals. (TEC525452)

MSP New Driver: Some tasks move when exporting a project to MSP (TEC1015603)

Would like contoured assignment to remain as contoured when reopened from PPM into MSP (TEC531720)

After Saving a Project from MSP to PPM, Project Remains Locked (TEC1478163)

Summary tasks that are Milestones do not Export as Milestones in MSP (TEC1954197)

External Dependencies Baseline data is not Displayed when opening a project in MSP (TEC1914985)

In MSP, Completed Tasks are Changing to 0 day Duration / Milestones (TEC1893883)

Finish date changes for some Team members after saving a project back from MSP to PPM (TEC1850661)

In the MSP New Driver, Intermittently Unable to edit data in Text Fields (TEC1769932)

When opening projects in MSP, receive a Compile Error after upgrading the MSP Interface (TEC1747266)

In the MSP Legacy Driver, Mapping of Team Object attributes only works in Import (TEC1711007)

In the MSP New Driver, some task Start Dates change to the Project Start Date when exported to MSP (TEC1697166)

MSP Assignment Units changes not Saving (TEC1669012)

In the MSP New Driver, Unable to Save changes to the Project Calendar (TEC1618839)

In the MSP New driver, highlighting of tasks is no longer saved (TEC1606998)

In the MSP New Driver, Graphical Indicators are not displayed for some Custom Fields in MSP (TEC1594136)

In MSP, Units are not exporting from the Resource Allocation on the Team tab of the Project (TEC1582765)

In the MSP New Driver, custom views are not Saved (TEC1545414)

In the MSP New Driver, Tasks/Milestones added to Timeline view are not Preserved (TEC1538513)

In the MSP New Driver, receive a warning message that the resource is assigned outside the original dates of a task, even though dates match what is show in PPM (TEC1506364)

In MSP, receive a "Save Failed" error referencing a Unique Constraint Violation in the logs (TEC1015966)

When upgrading the MSP Interface, receive an error message that the CAClarityAddin is already installed (TEC1006822)

Why am I getting an import error upon launching a project to MSP? (TEC1665554)

MSP Interface Install error: Specified Argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: entryValue (TEC1020041)

When saving back a project from MSP receive error: 'Save Failed' (TEC1233409)

MSP Target Error when opening MSP due to wrong Bit level of the MSP Interface Installed (TEC1262892)

MSP Target error due to corrupt Global.mpt file (TEC1338125)

In the MSP New Driver, projects will not open if their are enterprise fields linked to the project (TEC1363954)

MSP Task % Complete mismatch. In PPM it shows 100%, while in MSP it shows 99%. (TEC1366743)

In the MSP New Driver, Unable to open a project in MSP if a Calendar associated with the project has more than 51 characters (TEC1532415)

When attempting to Save a project back to PPM, receive error: Invalid value for field prName (TEC1737637)

In MSP, Project Opens incorrectly with a new file name such as Project1 or Project2 (TEC1192833)

MSP New Driver: For tasks with no assignee ETCs are being zeroed out (KB000095929)

MSP New Driver: ETC Hours missing for tasks with assignments when opening a project (​KB000095395)

How to provide the xml, mpp and MSP Logs for Troubleshooting MSP Issues (KB000099202)

In the MSP New Driver, the Task Details form Disappears (KB000095516)

Opening MSP stops at 'Connecting to PPM' step (KB000072865)

Can the CA PPM MSP Integration be deployed using Citrix? (KB000097107)

MSP: Task Finish Dates are being pushed out when opening a project from PPM to MSP (KB000098871)

Is it required to upgrade the MSP (Microsoft Project) Interface when upgrading PPM? (KB000097260)

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