LISA 32-bit or DevTest 32-bit Integration with HP ALM 12.01

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The HP ALM plug-in lets you load and run a DevTest test case as an ALM test from the HP ALM suite. You can import into and can run DevTest tests from ALM. This integration allows you to take advantage of all ALM features while harnessing the power of DevTest testing. By loading a DevTest test case into ALM, you get a real-time execution of DevTest tests. You also get the full capture of the test results and DevTest callbacks returning from any system under test. DevTest tests are executable in the workflow of ALM, and they report back results to maintain the context and status of the testing process.

The HP ALM plug-in only runs on Microsoft Windows.



For LISA 7.x and DevTest 8.0.0 through 8.1.0 releases, a patch is required to run with ALM 12.01.  Please open a case with CA Support to obtain this patch.

LISA/DevTest Application Lifecycle Management Plug-in is compatible only with 32-bit LISA/DevTest Workstation software.

It has been tested and certified that LISA/DevTest ALM Plugin will work on a 64-bit Machine with 32-bit LISA/DevTest, 32-bit browser and 32-bit JVM but it will not work in a 64-bit browser or with a 64-bit JVM or 64-bit LISA/DevTest. The process needs to run in 32-bit mode only.

If you have a 64-bit machine, with 64-bit LISA/DevTest and/or 64-bit JVM, your test LISA/DevTest cases will not run with the ALM plugin. This is not supported as this is a limitation with HP. 

ALM does not support running in anything other than 32-Bit browsers.  The same OCX files that get loaded when you access the ALM site are the same files that are packaged in the ALM Connectivity Components that we require for our plugin. 



Plugin must run on Windows.  DevTest must be 32-bit but can run on a 32-bit or 64-machine and can connect to a Remote Registry.

You need to make sure the following Utility Add-in is installed from ALM 12.01:

HP ALM Connectivity

HP ALM Client Registration

These 2 add-ons are put on the Workstation machine.

See the supported platforms page and search for “Desktop Client Supported Environments”.     You can see the list of supported browsers and the NOTE about how things work.  Until HP has a solution that allows us to run in a 64-bit mode on a desktop client,   we will not be able to support a 64-bit plugin.




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Additional Information:

Open up a support case if further assistance is needed.

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