Link to Idea Properties in email notification does not generate properly

Document ID : KB000095126
Last Modified Date : 20/06/2018
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When attempting to have a process send a notification which includes a link to the properties page of an idea, the email notification body contains a string of numbers, and does not contain the content its supposed to based on the notification template. 

Email Body will contain something like this:

However, if the link is changed to another type of link - meaning not a properties page, then it works properly.

Steps to reproduce this issue:
- create a new process that just has a start and end step 
- select "idea" as the object 
- set start options to Start Event = Create 
- ensure that the start step has "Finish" in the "Then Go To" section of the post conditions 
- set the Send Notification box for "When step is started" 
- select a resource to notify which you have set your own CA email address on 
- under the notificaitons tab, edit the "Process - Started process step" notification template, and in the notification body, click the search button, change to the "links" tab, and select the "Link to the Idea Properties Page", and click Add 
- You should see this in the notification body: 
@[:pma.ideaProperties!:Click Here] 
- Save, then validate and activate the process 
- create a new idea and submit it for approval 
- you should get the notification email with a string in the body similar to this: 
CA PPM 15.3, 15.4
This is caused by a defect.
There is a defect open for this problem - DE40397, which is fixed in version 15.5