Limit the amount of Asset Management Inventory collected by agents on Citrix Servers (and similar server types)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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ITCM, by default, collects information about every user that logs in to a server/system.

Citrix servers, Typically, have many users (usually 100 to 1000's) logging on, creating many inventory files, thus causing performance issues with Engine collect tasks.


CA Client Automation - All Versions 

All Supported versions of Citrix Servers



Make these 4 changes on the Citrix Servers (this only needs to be done once).

  1. Collect only computer data:             

               ccnfcmda -cmd setparametervalue -ps itrm/agent/solutions/uam -pn supportedunittypes -v computer


 2. Don’t run amagent every time a user logins in:

              ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/common/caf/plugins/cfnotify -pn enabled -v 0


 3.  Don’t send Common Configuration Delta Reports:

              ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/agent/cc -pn deltareport -v 0 -manager


 4. Stop the cfnotify plugin.

             Caf stop cfnotify

            Caf disable cfnotify


 5. After this is done, take the following actions on the Citrix server:

  • Run 'Caf stop'
  • Delete the '%sdroot%\..\Agent\units' folder
  • Run 'Caf start'


6. To confirm this has worked run the following command and allow the asset job check time to finish (about 5 minutes):

            caf start amagent -args /rescan_inventory /rescan_software /collect

7. Now wait for next Engine collect for the Scalability Server this agent reports to and see if the Engine collect performance is better than before.