Limit Message Size Assertion is not overriding the cluster-wide property io.xmlPartMaxBytes.

Document ID : KB000122731
Last Modified Date : 07/12/2018
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We have added an Limit Message size assertion in a policy. But at the time of testing found that it is not overriding  the cluster-wide property io.xmlPartMaxBytes to increase the limit allowed.
Please help us on this.
The Limit Message Size assertion and io.xmlPartMaxBytes cluster property interact.

Use the setting (io.xmlPartMaxBytes) to constrain the use of CA API Gateway resources. Rather than enforcing an arbitrary size limit, use the Limit Message Size assertion." This cluster property is meant to enforce a resource constraint to ensure Gateway resiliency. This is why it is a global cluster property, and should not be exceeded.

The size limit entered for the Limit Message size assertion temporarily overrides the maximum set in the cluster-wide property io.xmlPartMaxBytes." A better word than "override" should be used here. What it really means is that you can enforce a smaller maximum (stronger size limit than the cluster property). But you cannot enforce a larger maximum than the cluster property, for reasons mentioned above.