LGLOGS command shows Logstream data is being written to the wrong LogStream for Development, Acceptance and Management CICS regions.

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Last Modified Date : 09/07/2018
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We split our CICS setup into separate environments - D for Development A for Acceptance M for Management and P for production.
The jobnames of CICS regions has this letter as the 4th digit of it's name e.g. otpPtort is a production cics and gtpDaor3 is Development. We have always sent the LOGGER data from Sysview to separate files based on this environment.
We have separate files setup such as CICSLOGD and CICSLOGP. Someone notices that, when in CTRANSUM, that all the environments are using the Production logger datasets.
When I display the CICS logger datasets, I can see that the D A and M files say their latest entries are from June last year.
That is when I upgraded from R14.0 to R14.2 I will attach SVWCOPTS and CICSLOGR parmlib members, which I think are key. 
For most members the '*' indicates a single character mask and the '=' represents variable masking.
However, members read by the CICS regions use '+' for single character mask and '*' for variable masking.