Length of Instance Name in CA Strong Authentication causes Cache Refresh to fail

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Last Modified Date : 10/10/2018
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CA Strong Authentication provides a means to refresh the cache via the Admin UI. This allows current DB data to be retrieved for display in the Admin UI Console.  At times customers may not be able to complete this Cache Refresh function due a design limitation that restricts the instance name to not exceed 64 characters. 

The underlying CA Strong Authentication tables that hold the instance name data are the following

CA Strong Authentication and CA Risk Authentication
CA Strong Authentication table name ARPFCMNCACHEREFRESHEVENT does not allow instance names that are more than 54 characters in length.  Not the instance name as stored in the ARPFCMNCACHEREFRESHEVENT table is of the following format bleow

Hostname (<= 54 characters)  + Timestamp of Insertion of Hostname(10 characters) 
Below are the steps to delete the instances that are more than 64 characters in length and then restart picking the new instance name. 

1. Stop application server, Risk fort server and Strong authentication server.

2. Run the below command with the Riskfort instance name which are more than 64characters on ARRFINSTANCES table and were called out in the error in arcotadmin,log.
           - delete from ARRFINSTANCES where INSTANCENAME='Instance Name';

2. Run the below command with the Webfort  instance name which are more than 64characters on ARWFINSTANCES table and were called out in the error in arctoadmin.log
           - delete from ARWFINSTANCES where INSTANCENAME='Instance Name';

3. Make sure instance name is not more than 64 characters.

      Instance Name ( 64 char) = "Hostname ( <=54 character ) " +  "time stamp( 10 char added from system)".

4. Start the server and application server.
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