LEGACY: Numerical Ports

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This is a Quick Reference by Port Number for Root Cause Analysis.

Port #Product or Component NameProtocol
9eTrust Content Inspection GwEngine/CCTCP
21FTP - used by WMO/Unicenter Management For Web Servers, SLM etc 
25Default SMTP Server (IIS/MS VM) 
80HTTP (Default for web sites) used by such option as Web Response ManagerTCP
91eTrust Content Inspection GwEngine/CCTCP
102eTrust Directory DAP clientTCP
111eTrust Audit (RPC), also use by Brightstor Enterprise BackupUDP
135UAM (Share)TCP
138UAM/Performance (Share)TCP
139UAM/Performance (Share)TCP
139Web Management Option - Web Traffic Analyzer 
161SNMP listen (used by such options as Frame Relay, Switch Management)UDP
162TNG - Agent Tech 1.5, 2.0, 2.1UDP
162TNG - DSM (CommonServices)UDP
164eTrust Content Inspection GwEngine/CCTCP
373, 374Response Manger OptionUDP
389eTrust Admin 1.x & 2.x Notes Client no SSL, eTrust Desktop & Directory LDAP ClientTCP
509eTrust VPN - HandshakeTCP
636eTrust Admin 1.0 & 2.0 Notes Client with SSL 
799RCO - ControlITTCP
1056Response Manger Option (NetworkIT, RMO/NMOOTCP
1057Response Manger Option (NetworkIT, RMO/NMOOTCP
1098eTrust PKI - RMI ServerTCP
1099eTrust PKI - RMI RegistryTCP
1112eTrust Directory SSLDTCP
1113eTrust Directory SSLDTCP
1202CCI, eTrust Admin 1.x CAM/CAFTTCP/UDP
1325eTrust Admin (RPC) 
1433MS SQL Server used by TNG, UAM (used by eTrust for ODBC access)TCP
1470TNG - abrowser 2.1 - bypass via dsm routing (-R on abrowser launch with DSM to route)UDP
1471TNG - abrowser 2.1 - bypass via dsm routing (-R on abrowser launch with DSM to route)UDP
1472TNG - abrowser 2.1 - bypass via dsm routing (-R on abrowser launch with DSM to route)UDP
1473TNG - abrowser 2.1 - bypass via dsm routing (-R on abrowser launch with DSM to route)UDP
1474TNG - abrowser 2.1 - bypass via dsm routing (-R on abrowser launch with DSM to route)UDP
1493UAM uses no TCP/IP ports (unless you are using the UNIX agent, which uses port 1493),TCP
1684eTrust VPN (GUI) 
1827eTrust Policy Compliance (client - MFC gui/Server/AgentTCP
1882eTrust Common Services - Client to Server CommunicationTCP
1883eTrust Common Services - Client to Server CommunicationUDP
1900eTrust Director (SNMP) 
1902eTrust Director (Telnet) 
1927Response Manger Option (NetworkIT, RMO/NMOOTCP
2000CA-DB for TNG 1.1TCP
2001eTrust PKI - CA Server RMI and RA Server RMITCP
2100AHD, Paradigm, Service Desk (may use 2100 to 2200)TCP
2123eTrust Directory DxadmindTCP
2234Service Desk Qserver 
2300Service Desk Proctor to initiate connection to daemon_mgr 
3004USD (AsmFtServer)IPX/SPX
3104Data Transport, Perf., Directory Mgmt., Netware Agent/GatewayTCP
4006Sequelink Server 4.5 (for MS SQL Server) 
4010Sequelink Server 4.5 (for ingres) 
4104Data Transport, Perf., Directory Mgmt., Netware Agent/Gateway - CAM - CA MessagingUDP
4104CAM (used by many CA products), eTrust Admin 1.x ODBCUDP
4104Unicenter Explorer for CAM (default protocol between machines)UDP
4105Data Transport, Perf., Directory Mgmt., Netware Agent/Gateway - CAM - CA MessagingTCP
4105TNG - CAFT, eTrust Admin 1.x ODBCTCP
4105Unicenter Explorer for CAM (default protocol within machine and optional intra machine)TCP
4721USD/ShipIT, stagechk, jobcheck (ASMUILSR) - see alpha pageTCP
4905Data Transport, Perf., Directory Mgmt., Netware Agent/GatewaySPX
5101Unicenter DB Perf. Mgmt 4.4 Ent. Communicator (PEC) configurable 
5635TNG - JAVA - 2.2 
5636TNG - JAVA - 2.2 
5678TNG - Agent Technology 2.1TCP
5679TNG - Agent Technology 2.1TCP
5813ICMP for PingIP polling (standard ICMP use)TCP/UDP
6050Arcserve Open 2.2 for UnixTCP
6050Arcserve/ASO -for NT agent 
6051Arcserve/ASO Open 2.2 for UnixTCP
6051Arcserve/ASO - for Unix agents 
6055Arcserve/ASO - Smart Reactor-NT agent for 6.6 and above. 
6060Arcserve/ASO 6.6.x - 6060 Arcserve Replication and remote Unix Management for 6.6 and aboveTCP
6061Arcserver/ASO 6.6.xTCP
6070Arcserve/ASO Managed Backup 
6070Arcserve/ASO MS Exchange Agent 
6162SNMP - alternate for 162UDP
6502Brightstor Enterprise Backup - TAPE ENGINE - (to manage the server located in a DMZ) 
6503Brightstore Enterprise Backup - JOB ENGINE - (to manage the server located in a DMZ) 
6504Brightstore Enterprise Backup - DB ENGINE - (to manage the server located in a DMZ) 
6664Unicenter - Agent Tech 1.5UDP
6665TNG - Agent Tech - CommonServicesUDP
6665Web Management Option 
6665Unicenter GCU to servers in DMZ'sUDP
6667Service Level Management data collector (summCollect) 
6668Service Level Management - management server (only on console) 
6669Service Level Management - Report Daemon (summReportd) 
7000TNG - CAICCI - MVS Remote DaemonTCP
7011CA-DB for TNG 2.1 
7116Default Administration web site (IIS/MS VM) 
7770TNG - Agent Tech 2.0, 2.1TCP
7774TNG - abrowser 2.2UDP
7774Unicentre ORBTCP
7775eTrust Intrustion Detection 
7776eTrust Intrustion Detection - default configurable (log view)TCP
7777eTrust Intrustion Detection - default configurable (central/remote)TCP/UDP
7778Super Ping Path DoctorTCP
7778eTrust Intrustion Detection - default configurable (central/remote)TCP
7779eTrust Intrustion Detection - default configurable (ADCP Agent)TCP
7878Unicenter Cluster Management OptionTCP
8008eTrust PKI - HTTPTCP
8080Unicenter Management Portal and Jasmine ii PortalTCP
8095TNG SSO - Agent to Manager with return replyUDP
8025eTrust AuditTCP
8097eTrust Firewall 3.0 (to engine from admin server or login user client)TCP
8098eTrust Firewall 3.0 (to authentication Agent from Admin Server)TCP
8099eTrust Firewall 3.0 (to admin server client or engine)TCP
8196Data Transport Service (ADT)TCP
8198Data Transport Option (ADT)TCP
8198Data Transport Service (ADT)TCP
8200Data Transport Service (ADT)TCP
8208Web Mgmt for Web Servers - Super AgentTCP
8222Data Transport Service (ADT)TCP
8223Data Transport Service (ADT)UDP
8224Data Transport Service (ADT)Broadcast
8225Data Transport Service (ADT)Multicast
8226Data Transport Service (ADT)SPX socket
8300Data Transport Service (DOBA)TCP
8301Data Transport Service (DOBA)TCP
8300Data Transport Service (DOBA)SPX
8301Data Transport Service (DOBA)SPX
8443eTrust PKI - HTTPSTCP
8444eTrust PKI - HTTPTCP
8888eTrust Admin (LDAP) 
8888Unicenter Mobile Manager for PocketPCTCP
8889eTrust SSOTCP
8890eTrust Access ControlTCP
8891DMO or eTrust Admin & eTrust Access Control Audit Collection (Unix)TCP/UDP
8891eTrust Web Access Control - Embedded eTrust Access Control 
9050Unicenter Management for WebLogic (used by both agent and manager along with 162) 
9100eTrust Content Inspection (G to CC) 
9164eTrust Content Inspection (G to CC) 
9292eTrust Content Inspection (GUI to Engine) 
9308eTrust Content Inspection (Policy GUI to CC) 
9324eTrust Content Inspection (Audit to CC) 
9696Doc Server 
9990TNG Agent Technology servicectrl - remote commandsTCP
9991TNG Agent Technology awservices commandsTCP
12168eTrust Anti-Virus Java Gui to inowebTCP
13389eTrust Web Access Control - Embedded Directory 
13967eTrust SSO - Server/OTP Agent for 6.x and 7.x 
13967eTrust SSO 
13969eTrust SSO - Client/SDI Agent for 6.x and 7.x 
13970eTrust SSO - Client/Safe Word Agent for 6.x and 7.x 
13980eTrust SSO - Client/Server & Assistant/Serverr for 6.x - Policy Server for 7.xTCP
13980eTrust Web Access Control - Policy Server 
13981eTrust SSO 
13987eTrust SSO - client/Etrust Agent 6.x and 7.x 
15389eTrust PKI - Configuration DirectoryTCP
18181eTrust Content Inspection (FW1 to GwEngine) 
19289eTrust Directory SNMP (monitoring) Internet ExplorerUDP
19289eTrust Directory SamplesTCP
19290eTrust Directory SamplesTCP
19389eTrust Directory SNMP (monitoring) 
19489eTrust Directory SNMP (monitoring) 
19489eTrust Directory Samples 
19490eTrust Directory Samples 
19589eTrust OCSPro - DirectoryTCP
19589eTrust PKI - Publishing DirectoryTCP
19590eTrust PKI - OCSPro - Directory ConsoleTCP
19689eTrust Directory Samples 
19690eTrust Directory Samples 
20120Crypt It / Double ItTCP
20389eTrust Admin 2.x - Server 
20390eTrust Admin 2.x - Server TLS 
20391eTrust Admin 2.x - DB 
20392eTrust Admin 2.x - DB TLS 
20393eTrust Admin 2.x - Operations 
20394eTrust Admin 2.x - Operations TLS 
21064Service Level Management - client access to Ingres II DBMS on Unix 
21391eTrust Admin 2.x - Workflow 
21392eTrust Admin 3.x - Workflow TLS 
29477eTrust SSO - Client/Brocker for 6.x and 7.x 
32884 thru 32944UnicenterSNMP
41508InoculateIT/AVO 4.x (advertisement)UDP
41523Arcserve/ASO Discovery 
41524Arcserve/ASO Discovery 
42508InoculateIT/AVO 6.x (Discovery Listen)UDP
42509InoculateIT/AVO 6.x (Discovery Response)TCP
42510InoculateIT/AVO 6.x (RPC)TCP