Ldap tools, an alternative for the command line utility etautil.exe. > dxtools, ldapmodify, ldapsearch, ldapadd, dxmodify, dxsearch

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The utility etautil.exe is basically a command line ldap client tool that is provided with eTrust Admin.

You may use alternative standard ldap tools that are available on the internet or proprietary tools that are e.g. provided with eTrust Directory.

For your convenience some of these tools are also provided with our product., these are located in the eTrust Admin\bin directory.

Some samples of these tools are:

  • ldapmodify

  • ldapsearch

  • ldapadd

  • ldapdelete

  • dxmodify

  • dxsearch

This document outlines some possible reasons for using these tools and provides an example for your convenience.

Possible reasons for using ldap tools:

  • Some people are more familiar with using standard ldap tool and will write batch files quicker using a familiar syntax

  • Some operations could perform faster using ldap.

  • Some updates are only possible using ldap (such as updating attribute with characters that have special meaning on the commandline. Those characters can be linefeed, carriage return, greater than ">" and so on) In those cases you would need to use base64 encoding.

An example of using ldapmodify

Let's say you want to add into the street address (eTStreetAddress) for user test line1

  1. Create a file called data.ldif with the following content:

    dn: eTGlobalUserName=test,eTGlobalUserContainerName=Global
    Users,eTNamespaceName=CommonObjects,dc= DOMAINNAME,dc=eta changetype: modify
    replace: eTStreetAddress
    eTStreetAddress: line1

    Replace DOMAINNAME with your actual Admin domain name

  2. Run the command:
    ldapmodify -v -h LDAPSERVER -p 20389 -D
    "eTGlobalUserName= ADMINUSER,eTGlobalUserContainerName=Global
    Users,eTNamespaceName=CommonObjects,dc= DOMAINNAME,dc=eta"
    -w PASSWORD -f data.ldif

    where LDAPSERVER is the admin server, ADMINUSER is a user with admin rights (etaadmin), DOMAINNAME is your admin domain and PASSWORD is the password for the admin user you use.


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