LDAP does not add users from a specified folder

Document ID : KB000116856
Last Modified Date : 17/10/2018
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We have PAM integrated into our LDAP server successfully.  However we notice that one particular group doesn't import all of its members.
We have to manually refresh the group in PAM to get the users in. 
PAM 3.x
The root cause of the problem was the "update interval" for LDAP integration was too low.

What was happening is PAM was connecting to the LDAP Server and sync'ing all the groups that PAM was integrating with.
However since the "update interval" was too low, we never complete;y inventoryed all LDAP Users and Groups, before starting the job again.
This was confirmed by looking at the Session logs for the message(s):

PAM-CMN-0629: LDAPS connection made to <LDAP Server>:port

and noticing that there wasn't a successful particular "PAM_LDAP-0009" message for the LDAP Group in question before another:

PAM-CMN-0629: LDAPS connection made to <LDAP Server>:port

was happening again.  By increasing the time period or "update internal" resolved the issue and allowed time for PAM to completely inventorying all LDAP Users and Groups.