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Last Modified Date : 02/01/2019
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This article provides the latest coracleanup utility for use with ITCM.  CORA is the Common Registration API, which encompasses a collection of asset registration tables inside the MDB that is used for sharing computer registration details across products that share the MDB.  For example, Service Desk Manager (SDM) or IT Asset Manager (ITAM) will both utilize asset registration (discovery data) from ITCM, in order to reconcile asset data with SDM incidents or ITAM resources.
CORA is the Common Registration API, and is the interface used by Client Automation to share computer registration data with other CA products (i.e. CA Service Desk Manager).  Even if you're not integrating Client Automation with another CA product, the engines processing the collect tasks are still registering computers (and network adapters) with CORA during the processing of registration messages.
Coracleanup is a utility used to correct inconsistencies in the CORA database tables in the MDB.  From the Client Automation product space, it does this by cleaning up all the existing computer (and network adapter) registrations from the CORA tables, then iterates through each Client Automation computer registration, and re-registers them with CORA, one by one.  For each computer registration processed, the coracleanup utility also re-registers the list of network adapters associated with each computer.
Client Automation (ITCM) -- r14 SP2
The latest CORA cleanup utility is attached to the bottom of this article:
T5N6346 (Latest CoraCleanup).zip

This is a JAVA based utility. Take a look at the coracleanup.cmd file. It basically points at the local JRE inside the ..\CA\SC\JRE folder, and uses that to launch the cleanup CLI utility. You may need to adjust the path to the JRE inside the cmd, in case your JRE has a different version.

Once you run the coracleanup.cmd without any options, it will display a list of all options:
C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\T5N6346 (Latest CoraCleanup)>coracleanup.cmd
Usage: ConsoleManager where argList is:
/TYPE [2 (MSSQL) |3 (Oracle) ] (REQUIRED)

For example, to run the cleanup against an MS-SQL server, whether local or remote:
coracleanup.cmd /SERVER Galactica /TYPE 2 /USERNAME ca_itrm /PASSWORD NOT_changedR11 /SCOPE DSM /METHOD REINIT /DATABASE mdb /PORT 1433
File Attachments:
T5N6346 (Latest CoraCleanup).zip