Lag or slow performance when typing in timesheet cell

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When a user types any value into their timesheet there is number of seconds lag before the character appears. This lag occurs on every character typed. 

I have tested a few different use cases and it seems that when you first populate a blank timesheet everything works as expected, however if you add/delete tasks or close and re-open the timesheet then you see this lag. It seems to get worse when more tasks are added to the timesheet.

We have 5 users known with slowness when filling out timesheets. From the 'My Timesheets' portlet, they click the timesheet icon, then click into a cell and as soon as they type any number, it hangs for 20-30 seconds, then another number or character (period) can be typed, but then it hangs for another 20 - 30 seconds. 

This has just started since we upgraded to 14.2  


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to PPM  
  2. Home, General page - click the 'clock' icon next to an open timesheet on the 'My Timesheets' portlet  
  3. A popup window appears with the timesheet for entry 
  4. Try to have less than 10 rows and enter data into the cells  
    • If there are less than 10 rows ; the data entry into the cells is reasonable  
  5. Now add more than 10 rows and enter data into the cells  
    • The system lags and takes too much time to render the data entered and if tabbing, move the cursor to the next cell  
    • Actual Result: The application is delaying or lagging in trying to keep and render the data entered into the cells  
  6. Now click [Printable Version] and go to the browser Print action to preview the page  
    • NOTE : For Chrome - Printing does not work at all for any PPM page (reference CLRT-78974)  
    • Actual Result: On IE and FF the print preview from the browser is not using the Printable Version (reference CLRT-79625)  

Expected Result: The Timesheet Detail page should not cause bad performance and bad printing when it is in a popup

Actual Result: The Timesheet Detail page is displayed in a popup and causes bad performance and incorrect printing 


Caused by CLRT-78964

This is caused by the popup window.  The performance is not impacted when the page is displayed within the primary browser window.


A fix for this issue has been provided in CA PPM 14.4, where a workaround will no longer be needed. 


The 'My Timesheets' Portlet can be modified to change the link so that it will NOT display in a pop-up window.

  1. Login as an administrator user with access to Studio.  Navigate to the Administration > Studio > Portlets list.
  2. Search for and open the 'My Timesheets' portlet
  3. Navigate to List Column Section, Fields
  4. Click 'properties' icon for 'Timesheet' [virtual] Image attribute (which has the link to Timesheet Details)
  5. Uncheck the option 'Open as Pop-up'
  6. Click 'Save' button
    • NOTICE: The 'Image' field now is set to 'Assign Resource'
    • This is caused by CLRT-80063
    • This is because the Timesheet Clock image is NOT in the list of available images
    • So as a workaround for this part, pick 'List' or 'Calendar' for the image (or any other desired icon)
  7. Login as the Timesheet User and go through the steps to enter data into a Timesheet that has more than 10 rows. 

 MyTimesheetsLink Field Properties 

(Change Image selection from 'Assign Resource' to another image and uncheck box 'Open as Pop-up')

Pick 'List' or 'Calendar' for the image (or any other desired icon)


Additional Information:

For CLRT-78974, Reference TEC616055 : Using Google Chrome for Print Preview and Print is Failing  

For CLRT-79625, Reference TEC1512713 : Timesheet Printable Version is not working on IE and FF

For CLRT-80063, Reference TEC1410516 : What happened to the Timesheet Clock icon in 'My Timesheets' portlet?