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Last Modified Date : 05/10/2018
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We have installed RA 6.6 but dashboard is displaying wrong titles, icons are not displaying as expected, etc..

CA Release Automation
At this time, all reported instances of this problem have been related to a missing or corrupt en-us.json file. It is unclear how this file becomes missing or corrupt. 
Simplistically speaking, there are two solutions:
  1. Get the files from CA Support; or
  2. Get the files from a working system 
Get the files from CA Support:
Please open an issue with CA Support and include:
  • A recursive directory listing (ls -laR) of your <RA_HOME> folder - taken from your management server.
  • A screenshot of what you're seeing and reference this KB article so we can be sure of what problem you are referring to and that your problem matches the problem described in this article.
  • A copy of your management server's <RA_HOME>/conf/version file.

Get the files from a working system:
If you have another installation of RA 6.6 where everything works as expected you can try using the following on that system to capture all of the en-us.json files throughout the management servers install folder. Before you do that it is recommended to create a backup of the <RA_HOME> directory. This way, should something go wrong you have a good restore point. This is true for the source and destination <RA_HOME> folder/systems. Once you have a backup you can run:
find <RA_HOME> -type f -name en-us.json | tar -cvf /tmp/en-us.json.files.tar -T -

Now you can copy the en-us.json.tar file from the good system to the problematic system (/tmp) and run:
cd /tmp; tar -xvf en-us.json.tar

The above command, if run exactly as instructed above, will create /tmp/<RA_HOME> folder with two subfolders: dashboard and webapps

You can move/copy these directories on top of what already exists to get all of the en-us.json files is their needed locations. 

Additional Information:
RA_HOME is not a valid environment variable. It is something used here to describe the folder where the CA Release Automation Management Server has been installed.