Known Issue: 5.5.2, Agent fails to start on boot with legacy service script on RHEL 7, CentOS 7.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are going to review a found known issue that deals with the Nolio agent not starting properly on boot when used with RHEL 7.x, as well as the binary compatible CentOS 7.x operating system.





I am running Release Automation 5.5.2 on Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.x, why does the agent not start properly when the operating system boots?






RHEL 7.x, CentOS 7.x, Release Automation 5.5.x






The reason this occurs, is in releases of RHEL/CentOS prior to 7.x, the 'service' utility was used to call SystemV style init scripts found in /etc/init.d(eg; service start nolioagent).  However, a new service control mechanism 'systemd' was introduced in RHEL/CentOS versions 7 forward, which utilizes a utility 'systemctl' to stop/start, and enable or disable services.  While there is still legacy compatibility for the most part for legacy service scripts from previous versions, this support is by no means perfect. 


What needs to be done to address this issue is adding the following 'unit' file for the Nolio agent, simply follow these steps:


1. Open a text editor, and insert this content into the file:

Description="Setup CARA Agent as boot Service"

ExecStart=/etc/init.d/nolioagent start
ExecStop=/etc/init.d/nolioagent stop


2. Now save this as:




**This creates the service/unit file with information for systemd


3. Next, issue the command: 


systemctl enable NolioAGENT


**This enables the Agent to startup on boot.  


4. Finally, test starting and stopping the agent with the new systemd service unit in place:


"systemctl start NolioAGENT" or "systemctl stop NolioAGENT"


**Please note, the name of the service 'NolioAGENT' is case sensitive.



The Nolio agent should now start and stop with no issue utilizing systemctl, or during bootup of the operating system.  This has been fixed in versions 6+