JWP Memory dumps

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Last Modified Date : 23/01/2019
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On regular basis JWP memory dumps are created in the form of trace files in the "temp" directory of the AE.

The WP logs shows messages like:
U00009907 Memory dump '(BINDPAR: 1)' (Address='n/a', Length='000008') 
00000000 00000167 CDAD29E8 >...gͭ)輊20181220/231324.103 - 24 >2018-12-20 22:12:17.0< 
U00009907 Memory dump '(BINDPAR: 2)' (Address='n/a', Length='000008') 
00000000 00000167 CDAD29E8 >...gͭ)輊20181220/231324.105 - 24 >2018-12-20 22:12:17.0< 
This happens when 2 conditions are met:
  1. UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS > SERVER_OPTIONS is set to 'NNNNNNNNNNxNNNNN'. The number in the 11th position of SERVER_OPTIONS indicates that the bind parameter of all DB queries that are longer than x seconds will be logged
  2. The following query take more than x seconds:
U00003525 UCUDB: ===> 'SELECT OH_Idnr, OH_Client, COALESCE(OH_Moddate, OH_CrDate) AS OH_ModDate, OH_OType from OH WHERE (OH_ModDate > ? OR OH_CrDate > ?) AND OH_DeleteFlag = 0' 
Set the 11th position of UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS > SERVER_OPTIONS to N

Install v12.2 or higher.
In v12.2 an additional index has been added to reduce the duration of the query above