Juniper Jitter SPM tests always return 0ms for the results.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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SPM tests for Juniper Jitter always return 0ms

Spectrum 10.0Spectrum 10.1.xSpectrum 10.2.xOS: Any

The problem is introduced in 10.0 by 64-bit architecture shift in that we use in the code asizeof() on ‘oid’, to decide the length of the OID. Here ‘oid’ is a pointer whose size is changed from 4-bytes in 32-bit to 8-bytes in 64-bit system.

The OID occupies 44-bytes in memory.

In 32-bit (Spectrum 9.4.x and earlier):

The length of the OID will be calculated to 44/4 = 11, hence we were getting the complete OID i.e.

In 64-bit (Spectrum 10.x and newer):

Length of the OID will be calculated to 44/8 = 5, hence we are getting the truncated OID i.e. of length 5.


The truncation of the OID leads the results always showing 0ms.




Problem is resolved in PTF_10.1.233 under DE272841.

Problem is scheduled to be fixed in Spectrum 10.3.