Journal Analyzer utility fails with CC=0016 message EXT0 - ERROR OCCURRED DURING ARCHIVE FILE PROCESSING - USJARCF STATUS CODE IS 08, FUNCTION IS R, and SYNCSORT Sort error WER039A INSUFFICIENT VIRTUAL STORAGE. What are the possible reasons for this error

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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 The EXT0 - ERROR OCCURRED DURING ARCHIVE FILE PROCESSING - USJARCF STATUS CODE IS 08 means that there is a Function code of Read and Status Code a GETMAIN/GETVIS failure during GET processing. It means that the storage pool has been exhausted. In this case, there was also a SYNCSORT error, WER039A INSUFFICIENT VIRTUAL STORAGE, verifying that storage was not sufficient.


The corrective action is either to decrease the amount of data via the number of ARCHIVE datasets input to the job or override the Sort size via the SORTCNTL OPTION parm.

To override the Sort size default; in the SORTCNTL OPTION parameter, code the following:




Information on the SIZE override is documented in the CA IDMS/DB Journal Analyzer Option User Guide, chapter 6 Operations, Z/OS Operations, CA IDMS Journal Analyzer Control Statements, your-sort-control-statements:


“These statements are optional. Include them to override the options of your sort utility. (CA IDMS Journal Analyzer should be run with sort options that specify printing of critical messages, setting a return code of 16 if there is an unsuccessful sort, and sorting into EBCDIC sequence.) You may also want to specify a size different from the default. If you specify maximum size, further ensure that you have the sort use all but 256K (that is, SIZE=MAX-256) so that a BIND RUN-UNIT can be processed while sorting. Consult the programmer's guide of your sort utility to determine the format of these statements.”