Jobs submitted to the Linux Agent stay in the READY state.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Jobs on Linux agent stay in the READY state.; however the agent logs show the jobs were received and completed by the Agent, and all communication ports were opened.


Linux file systems have certain limitation on the number of subdirectories per directory (MAXLINK); this number is about 32K, that is, 32,000 subdirectories.

If the Agent was running for some time, and the spool directory has not been cleared, then the subdirectories limitation will prevent the Agent from creating any new output files, yet will result in Agent's failure to update the job status to the Manager. Therefore, the agent's spool must be cleared in timely manner.

The Agent may be configured to automatically clean the spool: add following parameters into the agentparm.txt and restart the agent.

 # Change settings as per your requirement. Enable clearing spool.
 # Clear all spool older than 10 days
 # Clear once every 24 hours