Jobs remain in a terminating status

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There are software containers that will not delete and remain in a terminating status.



Backup the mdb database in SQL, then stop caf and and execute the following SQL script against the mdb in Microsoft SQL Management Studio:


declare @var_objectid varchar(50)

declare job_delete cursor for


select objectid

from usd_job_cont with (nolock)

where state=8 and objectid in(select jobcont from usd_jcview with (nolock))


    objectid in(select jcchild from usd_link_jc with (nolock))


    objectid in(select jcont from usd_link_jc_act with (nolock))



open job_delete

fetch job_delete into @var_objectid


While (@@fetch_status=0)


Delete usd_jcview where jobcont=@var_objectid

Delete usd_link_jc where jcchild=@var_objectid

Delete usd_link_jc_act where jcont=@var_objectid

Delete usd_cc where objectid=@var_objectid

Delete usd_job_cont where objectid=@var_objectid


fetch job_delete into @var_objectid



close job_delete


deallocate job_delete




Important Note: Take a backup of the MDB before attempting any update/delete operation on the MDB.