Jobname that created a Backup or Archive Copy

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Where can the jobname be found that created a Backup or Archive Copy ?


Store the jobname of the Backup or Archive job into the user field (USERF) of the DSNINDEX record via user exit DINXUFEX during BACKUP and ARCHIVE processing. The contents of the user field will be retained during Restore and Merge processing. 

Please contact support. We can provide a tested sample DINXUFEX exit that takes BACKUP, BACKUPCC, and ARCHIVE into account. 

Sysparm DINXUFEXdinxufex needs to be specified to provide the module name to be invoked for the DINXUFEX user exit.

Note: For BACKUPCC make sure PTF RO90374 is installed. 


Additional Information:

The DSNINDEX record contains a field with a jobname, but this is not the name of the Backup or Archive job, it is the name of the job or the user id that created the data set: DS1JN - JOBNAME.

Our sample exit DINXUFEX will store the jobname of the Backup, Backupcc or Archive job into the USERF User Field. The contents of the USERF field can then be displayed via LISTD with FIELDS: 








See CA Disk User Guide, Kapitel "Possible Values for LISTD FIELDS= Parameter" for an overview on the field names.