Job goes in INACTIVE status AFTER QUE_WAIT status

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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jobs are in QUE_WAIT status and when the queue is free the jobs which  
did not run becomes in INACTIVE status.


WAAE 11.3.5 unix environment


In the autosys config.$AUTOSERV file the variable EvaluateQueuedJobStarts=1

Specifies   that  the   scheduler  evaluates   the   job's            
starting conditions (date/time,  job dependencies, etc..)           
before starting  the job....


set EvaluateQueuedJobStarts=0 solves the problem 

# Keyword: EvaluateQueuedJobStarts=<value>                                    
# Specifies   whether  the    scheduler   evaluates   the  starting           
# conditions of a job exiting the QUE_WAIT state due  to  available           
# machine load units, the PEND_MACH state due  to an online machine           
# or the RESWAIT state due to available resources.                            
# The valid values are as follows:                                            
#    0 = Specifies that the scheduler  immediately starts  the  job           
#        without evaluating the job's starting conditions.                    
#    1 = Specifies   that  the   scheduler  evaluates   the   job's           
#        starting conditions  (date/time,  job dependencies, etc..)           
#        before starting  the job.  If  the starting conditions for           
#        the job are not met,  the job  is  placed  in an ACTIVATED           
#        status if a box job, otherwise it is placed in an INACTIVE           
#        status.                                                              
# Default: 1