Software Delivery error: Job execution failed. The job at the indicated target computer timed out after having been initiated. [SDM228410]

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Last Modified Date : 03/10/2018
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The following error is observed from software delivery, after waiting nearly six hours for a software package to execute against a target agent:

Job execution failed. The job at the indicated target computer timed out after having been initiated. [SDM228410]
Client Automation (ITCM) -- any version
The software delivery job check dialog on the agent has a 6 hour timeout, in which if the package has not completed executing, it assumes something went wrong.  It them terminates the job and reports the error listed above back to software delivery.
If the package is expected to take longer than 6 hours to run, you will need to increase the job timeout in configuration policy:

DSM Explorer --> Control Panel --> Configuration --> Configuration Policy --> Default Computer Policy --> DSM --> Software Delivery --> Agent --> Job Check: Job execution timeout

The default value is 360 minutes, which is 6 hours time.  If you have a package that, for some reason, requires more time, you can increase the timeout, and wait for the configuration value to apply.

If the package is not expected to exceed 6 hours time to execute, then most likely there is some issue or unexpected behavior with the software package.

Reasons may include:
- The software package behaves differently when invoked by software delivery, as software delivery runs as the Local SYSTEM account, and not a normal user account.
- The package is expecting user input, but no prompt is seen, or no user is available to provide input.

What to do:
In these scenarios, you may need to gain access to the endpoint (or use a testing system) to check and see if the software package is requesting user input.  If so, the package documentation may need to be consulted, for how to perform a silent or automated/unattended installation.

If the package is expected to run silent and unattended, perhaps it leaves a log file, or can be configured to leave a log file on the system, so it can be understood at what particular point, the package is hanging on execution under software delivery.