jdbc response probe failed to start after creating oracle database connection

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Last Modified Date : 01/05/2018
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A connection profile to an Oracle 11g database was created using the following connection values:

Database URL:  jdbc:oracle:thin:@(description=(address=(protocol=tcp)(host=<database hostname>)(Port=<port>))(connect_data=(service_name=<databse name>)))
User:  <user name> as sysdba
Password::  <valid password for the specified user>

The connection test passed, but when this connection was used in an active monitoring profile, the probe never connected to the database and eventually failed.
What are the valid strings that can be used for the Database URL and User components of a connection profile in the jdbc_response probe in order to monitor an Oracle database?
UIM Server:  8.51
jdbc_response : 1.24
Valid form of the Database URL:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@IP address:Port Number/Database Name
jdbc:oracle:thin:@database server name:Port Number/Database Name

Valid forms for the connection User name:

<user name>
<user name> as sysdba
Additional Information:
Valid Database URL values are documented on the probe's AC and IM Wiki pages: