JCS Error 'eTADSDirectoryName' not found within the OID registry

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Last Modified Date : 01/05/2018
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Java Connector Server (JCS) was unable to properly handle/forward any requests for C++ Connectors (i.e. CSProxy). The Provisioning Server's etatrans log would show "OID for name 'eTADSDirectoryName' was not found within the OID registry" and the jcs_daily.log would also show the below error as well:

SpringOsgiExtenderThread-84] (com.ca.jcs.core:com.ca.jcs.cfg.ImplBundleSchemaLoader:106) ERROR  - implBundle 'ActiveDirectory' deregistered as failed reading schema from '/conf/ads_proxy.schema'
java.lang.ClassCastException: antlr.CommonToken cannot be cast to antlr.Token
An extra jar file apacheds-server-main-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT-app.jar had been placed into the Connector Server\lib\ext folder by mistake which was causing a conflict with the apacheds-server-main-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT-app-nolog.jar also located in the same location.
The extra jar file apacheds-server-main-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT-app.jar was removed from the Connector Server\lib\ext folder and the Java Connector Server service was restarted.
Additional Information:
The following was done to generate additional information in the Connector Server installation\jcs\logs\jcs_service_stdout.log to see which classes were being loaded:
1: Open registry editor (regedit) 
2: Go to the key "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ComputerAssociates\Identity Manager\Procrun 2.0\im_jcs\Parameters\Java" 
3: Add JVM option "-verbose:class" under "options". 
4: Restart the JCS service.