JCLCHECK v12, is it compatible with cobol 6

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Last Modified Date : 12/12/2018
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One question related to JCLCHECK v12, is it compatible with cobol 6?
All versions of JCLCheck
There's no PTF required or compatibility issues with COBOL 6 and JCLCheck.
JCLCheck itself isn't dependent on the compiler version.
Only the JCLCheck Cobol exit for processing JOB cards. This is a Cobol program only used when the COBexit option in CA JCLCheck is on.
But there is not know problem with this exit and Cobol 6.
Also as a preventive action, you can check every COBOL exit program if you are using such exits.
This is true for any Cobol Exits program running in your organization.

Please see the presentation "Migrating to COBOL 6 Presentation" available from https://communities.ca.com/docs/DOC-231175545-migrating-to-cobol-6-presentation
The presentation was given to a user group and is a good overview for customer migrating to Cobol 6.