java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Negative delay

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Last Modified Date : 22/08/2018
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Applications Manager may stop running Jobs properly and the below error is seen in the RmiServer<timestamp>.log files. This error is generally due to invalid objects in the database.
ErrorMsg: AwE-9999 Internal error
Details: null
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Negative delay.
    at java.util.Timer.schedule(
    at com.appworx.master.JobStarter.updateCapacities(
    at com.appworx.master.JobStarter.init(
Consult with your DBA on how to recompile invalid objects. Use the awinstall process to check for invalid objects, and then recompile those invalid objects: 
  1. cd to $AW_HOME directory
  2. run command >  . site/sosite
  3. run command >  stopso all (If RmiServer is running)
  4. run command >  awinstall
  5. Follow on screen prompts and press Enter to accept default values which is listed between brackets
  6. Enter "yes" for the prompt "Is the above correct [Yes]?" or simply press Enter to accept the default
  7. At the main menu, select option 3 "03 Data Checks ...".
  8. select option 09 Return to main menu
  9. at the main menu, select option 4 "04 Setups ...".
  10. select option 5 "05 Recompile invalid objects"
  11. the script will complete.
  12. enter q to quit.