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Last Modified Date : 30/04/2018
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Can you explain me how to use the java debugger? I was trying to find how to use it in the docs but I couldn’t find any information.

I am just giving a high level details on how to debug Plex generated Java application. 
We recommend to check with Plex community to have best options available on this, there seems users has created some Eclipse plugin to make the process easy to debug. 

Debug Plex generated Java application: 
- Plex IDE - Gen/Build Java application 
- Open Eclipse IDE 
o Create a new Java project for Generated application. 
o Copy the generated code - all files from ‘\<localModel>\<GenFolder>\SRC’ folder. 
 Paste the contents into Eclipse project ‘Src’ folder. 
o Add Plex Java runtime library - ObRun.jar reference to the project. 
o Goto top level function to launch Java application (e.g. AA1F in below screenshot) and set the arguments for launching the application. 
 If you have run the application from Plex IDE, there will be a .bat file to launch the application with following entry. 

 From above screenshot , it is clear that batch file is trying to run the Plex runtime ObLaunch class by giving two command line arguments and they are - 
• The function to be executed in Plex generated application 
• Location of the client properties file. 
 Right click on the top level function (.Java file) to be launched and click Run Configurations option from Run As Option and it will open a popup window as shown below. 
• Update the details accordingly as mentioned above (e.g. SampleJavaPNL.AA1F Path="C:\ProgramData\CA\Plex\7.2.1\OBJAVA" in provided screenshot). 

 Now, Right click on top level function (.Java file) to be launched and click Debug Configurations option from Debug As Option 
• Then click on Debug button at the bottom of the opened config Window. 
 This will launch the application in Debug mode. 
 Set debug break points in generated code as desired and continue debugging the application process. 
Following links may help in general Eclipse debugging perspective:
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