Jaspersoft request processor does not correctly handle requests when PPM is configured for external SSL

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When the CA PPM application server is configured for "external" SSL mode, Jaspersoft requests are getting misdirected, and this prevents reporting from working for all users. Not all requests get misdirected, so initially reporting appears to work, but once you try to run a report or run a basic connectivity test the operation times out. The net effect is that all 14.2 customers with portal enabled cannot use Jaspersoft at all. This configuration is quite tricky to reproduce in a development environment since it requires an external server through which to route requests, but you might be able to approximate it.  Enable Network tracing in the browser so that you can see all request activity. 

Steps to Reproduce:   

  1. Set SSL mode in the application server to "external"  
  2. Set HTTPS OFF for the application server  
  3. Specify an entryUrl that points to the external SSL-enabled server  
  4. Specify 8080 for the HTTP port (or any port number above 80 - the code explicitly skips port 80)  
  5. Log in to PPM with a user that has all Advanced Reporting rights  
  6. Attempt to run any report  
Expected Result:  The report runs normally. All requests use the standard entryUrl value exactly as it is specified
Actual Result:  The report times out or just fails. Browser request tracing will reveal that the HTTP port has been inserted into the Jaspersoft request URL along the way


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


Caused by CLRT-77687


Resolved in CA PPM 14.2 Generic Patch #1

Resolved in CA PPM 14.3

Additional Information:

Reference TEC1398937  : PPM 14.2 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

Reference CA PPM Resolved Defects Index for CA PPM 14.3