Jaspersoft 6.4.3 Install failed during Postgres installation

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Last Modified Date : 25/10/2018
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When installing Jaspersoft 6.4.3, the install may fail during the postgres database configuration. If this is the case, the installation log file will contain an error similar to the following:

ERROR ConfigurePostgresql:76 - Error in configuring postgresql database 
CABIUtil:106 - ErrorCode : 19031 ErrorMessage : 
CABIUtil:106 - ErrorCode : 19033 ErrorMessage : 
DEBUG ProgressThread:88 - Error code from component install is: 1 
DEBUG ProgressThread:90 - Getting the error codes list from CABIInstallException object 
ERROR CABIUtil:110 - com.ca.bicoe.cajasperserver.install.preinstall.utils.CABIException 
at com.ca.bicoe.cajasperserver.guiinstall.util.ConfigurePostgresql.initializePostgres(ConfigurePostgresql.java:77) 
at com.ca.bicoe.cajasperserver.guiinstall.ComponentInstall.configurePostgres(ComponentInstall.java:456) 
at com.ca.bicoe.cajasperserver.guiinstall.ComponentInstall.componentInstall(ComponentInstall.java:176) 
at com.ca.bicoe.cajasperserver.install.guiinstaller.customcode.ShowInstallProgress.showProgress(ShowInstallProgress.java:189) 
at com.ca.bicoe.cajasperserver.install.guiinstaller.customcode.ShowInstallProgress.install(ShowInstallProgress.java:119)
The errors are produced due to insufficient user privileges. Please ensure that the installation owner owns the installation media directory and sub-directories. Also ensure this user has executable rights on these directories as well.
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