Jasper report "FINANCIAL CAPITALIZATION DETAIL" shows incorrect data.

Document ID : KB000009214
Last Modified Date : 14/05/2018
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The "Financial Capitalization Detail" report is showing wrong results when Resource Actuals are present for investments.

This report shows Services/Resources Planned Costs and Actuals.

1. When the Resource has only Planned Costs the report shows correct values for Planned Costs and Actuals(zero).

2. When there are Resource Actuals added, the Planned Costs in the report become zero.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create an investment with Planned Costs.

2. Run the necessary jobs to fill the Data Warehouse database.

3. Run the "Financial Capitalization Detail" report for this investment.

4. Planned Costs are correctly seen in the report.

5. Post a transaction and add Actuals.

6. Redo step 2 and 3.



To see both Planned Costs and Actuals in the report.



Only Actuals are shown, Planned Costs are zero.

The planned cost values are zeroed out on the report as soon as a resource has Actuals.


This is reported as defect DE37720 and is resolved in  CA PPM 15.2.7 and CA PPM 15.3