Jasper 6.1->6.3 upgrade BUILD FAILED on ImportingContent: of PostInstall

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Upgrading Jasper 6.1 to 6.3 (install.bat -r sample_mysql.properties -l install.log) on the windows screen and in the install.log file you can see the following error:

     [exec] ImportingContent:

     [exec]      [echo] Validating is there any product specific content to import...

     [exec]      [echo]  Importing all zip files from product specific content folders...


     [exec] BUILD FAILED

     [exec] C:\Jasperinstall\Jasper63\ca_install\PostInstall\PostInstall.xml:323: The following error occurred while exe

cuting this line:

     [exec] C:\Jasperinstall\Jasper63\ca_install\PostInstall\CustomContentImport.xml:29: The following error occurred wh

ile executing this line:

     [exec] C:\Jasperinstall\Jasper63\ca_install\PostInstall\CustomContentImport.xml:106: C:\Jasperinstall\Jasper63\over

lay\spectrum\content does not exist.



     [exec] Total time: 3 minutes 12 seconds


The Jasper 6.1 to Jasper 6.3 upgrade in the install.log ends with:

[echo] CA Business Intelligence 6.3.0 Upgrade Completed Successfully

but what about the BUILD FAILED error on ImportingContent ? Should I worry about it?

Windows platform, Spectrum 10.2, Jaspersoft 6.3

This minor problem is from spectrum CABI’s DVD creation problem. As per design, if you create any custom folder under overlay folder (in this case spectrum), the installer expects content and webapps folders. 

Here content folder is not present because we are not shipping anything under content. As long as you see SpectrumProxy.war and SpectrumProxy folder copied in the jasper tomcat’s webapps folder, you can safely ignore the BUILD FAILED error.

It will not break any of the functionality.