Japanese characters are garbled during/after importing diagram from CSV format to Agile Designer

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Import diagram from CSV format to Agile Designer, and then Japanese characters are garbled.

The steps to reproduce are:

  1. Save a diagram definition as CSV format with ANSI character set (= Shift JIS for Japanese Windows).

    Here is example. It includes some Japanese characters.

    Name,Description,Observation,Complexity,Block Type,Test Importance,Data Sensitivity,
    プロセス1,プロセス1,Observable,6,Code Action,Medium Importance,No Sensitivity,
    �件1,�件1,Observable,6,Code Action,Medium Importance,No Sensitivity,
    プロセス2,プロセス2,Observable,6,Code Action,Medium Importance,No Sensitivity,
  2. Select menu [Tools] - [Import] on Agile Designer.
  3. Select [General Diagram] and click [Import] button.
  4. Specify the CSV file to [Location] and click [Next] button.
  5. Identifier and/or Name maybe garbled if properties are Japanese in CSV file.

  6. If you can select any items in Import Wizard, you may see garbled diagram.




Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) can handle UTF-8 format. ARD cannot accept Shift-JIS character set as CSV format.


Convert CSV file from Shift-JIS to UTF-8 format. After that, you can import the CSV file to ARD.


Additional Information:

Here is product manual as reference.


If you are interested in Export/Import functions, select [Exporting and Importing] document.