ITAM web service API - ITAMObject does not return a list

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Search Method  in  Asset Portfolio Management Web Services  

Retrieves existing objects in CA APM. This method accepts an ITAMObject (SearchDefinition) as input. There must be at least one criterion and, in that criterion, at least one SearchObject must be set. The SearchObject is used to identify the type of object for the search



How do we get a list of objects (ITAMObject) when using the Search method? 

We are able to retrieve individual objects but need to be able to get the whole list of objects.

ITAM 12.9 or ITAM 14.1

If you set atttribute OperatorSpecified to true, example 

mySpecificCriteria.OperatorSpecified = true;

Then you can query for name like %.


Additional Information:

The documentation for CA Asset Portfolio Management Web Services is accessible online from ITAM Product Web Interface under Administration.Web Services.