It takes 20 minutes for Service Desk to stabilize after starting the SDM services, after upgrading to CA Service Desk Manager r12.9.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In earlier versions of CA Service Desk Manager (12.5, 12.6, 12.7), it did not take a long time for it to stabilize after the services were started. However,  you may notice that it takes longer for the startup process to complete after upgrading to Service Desk r12.9 or later.


When the services of CA Service Desk r12.9 or later are started, it takes a long time (around 20 minutes) before being stable enough so that users can login to the web interface. Why does it take so long?

CA Service Desk Manager r12.9, r14.1

The following two points are possible reasons for this behaviour:.

  1. Some additional features have been were added to Service Desk in these releases. They could require additional hardware resources. If the hardware specification of the server is inadequate, it may take a long time for the processes to stabilize after the services are started. You may need to add additional CPU and/or memory to the virtual environment, to determine whether the lack of hardware resources is the root cause of the lengthy startup time. Try adding additional CPUs and memory to try and alleviate the problem.
  2. Service Desk Manager will add records from some MDB database tables to it's in-memory cache when the services are started. This is to aid run-time performance. If the MDB database tables contain a large number of rows, it will take longer for them to be cached. This will further add to the delay in the start up time. It is strongly recommended that you periodically use the Archive/Purge facility to purge unnecessary rows from these tables. 

As the behaviour is a performance issue, there are also the other possibilities that may cause the situation. This is dependent on the size and configuration of the environment. You should contact CA Support if you have any concerns about the it takes to start and stabilize your Service Desk Manager environment.

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